It‘s a fact that the best candidate doesn’t always get the job.

However, the candidate who performs really well at interview has the odds stacked in their favour. There is no substitute for interview preparation.

To win the interview game you need to sell your skills, build rapport with the interviewer, reveal positive attitudes and opinions and speak clearly and confidently. Above all, you must demonstrate the relevance of your skills and the benefit of your experience to prospective employers. If you have experience which is appropriate to the job in question – be sure you present this.

Interview Tips

  • Always arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled interview time
  • Know the company you are interviewing for, they will like to know that you have taken the time to fully research their firm
  • Know the names of the people who are interviewing you
  • Good eye contact
  • Firm hand shake
  • Wear a dark suit
  • Know the Job spec of the role you are interviewing for, and try to link your experience and skills to this position
  • Appear enthusiastic about the position and the company that you are interviewing for
  • Ask one or two questions, but never repeat a question that has already been covered. If you have no questions don’t panic just say well I did have a few questions but you have already covered these
  • At the end of the interview, make sure you thank your interviewers for taking the time to meet you. And once doing this reconfirm that you are very interested in the position and working for the company
  • And most important of all be your-self and enjoy the process