The most important thing to remember for a successful CV is that you sell yourself on the document. At every opportunity show how you can add value to someone else’s organisation.

  • Put your Name and current / most previous job title at the top of the document, followed by an address and contact details (home telephone number / mobile / email )
  • A brief summary or profile covering your most recent role, background and what drives you; as well as major achievements in business and life (eg/ top sales man of the year, achieved a 1st in a masters etc). It is worth noting that Hiring Manager look at hundreds if not thousands of CVs a day, so you need to grab their attention instantly.
  • Detail your educational background, starting with your most recent, showing qualifications obtained, dates, location etc
  • Your work experience should start with your most recent, clearly showing dates, company name (website), your job title, and role and responsibilities while you worked there. This section is going to be the main area that any Hiring Manager is going to look at, so try to be detailed and concise, show were you added value to the business, demonstrated a strong work ethos. Were at all possible match your previous experience to the role which you are applying for.
  • Make sure the CV is well presented, and honest critique of your past experience, easy to read grammatically correct; and NO spelling mistakes